ActiveCampaign vs Act-On: Which One Is Better and Why? Comparing available Marketing Software options is a great approach to focus on the best one for your company’s specific needs. Here, you can find a detailed comparison of ActiveCampaign vs Act-On to help you decide which product best suits your needs.

You may also compare their customer happiness and overall evaluations at the conclusion of this post. Examine their differences and similarities to decide which one is superior. Imagine what your company will be like in three to five years; will you still need the app then, or will you have outgrown it?

Let’s commence.

What Act-On does

Act-On is an integrated workspace and marketing automation platform created by engineers with marketing expertise who worked together on Amazon’s software. It equips marketing teams with the tools they need to succeed in the areas of analytics, lead creation, social media marketing, and visitor monitoring.

Customers’ awareness, acquisition, retention, and loyalty may all be improved with the use of this software, which is offered to users. The platform’s email marketing function can segment customers using a powerful website tracking mechanism.

Marketers may improve their campaigns, expand their clientele, track their progress, and close more transactions. Additionally, there is a social media marketing tool, and emails sent by the system include social media links.

What ActiveCampaign does

Over 130,000 organisations in 170 countries benefit from the category-defining Customer Experience Automation (CXA) platform from ActiveCampaign by engaging with their consumers in meaningful ways.

The platform offers 500+ pre-built automation that integrates email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM for effective segmentation and personalisation across social, email, messaging, chat, and text to organisations of all sizes. The 850+ connectors offered by ActiveCampaign, which include Salesforce, Microsoft, Shopify, Square, and Facebook, are used by more than 75% of its clients.

You may create stunning email campaigns, distribute newsletters, and stay in touch with your contacts and clients.

To automate genuinely individualized experiences, use behavioral and personal data across your client interactions.

With a configurable CRM that provides a comprehensive perspective of every client, you can close more transactions more quickly since you will know precisely which prospects to contact and how to win them over.

ActiveCampaign vs Act-On: Geographic Breakdown

When looking at the distribution of clients by country, we find that ActiveCampaign is more popular in the United States, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom, while Act-On is more popular in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

ActiveCampaign vs Act-On: User Reviews

ActiveCampaign scored higher marks for being simpler to implement and manage compared to the alternative option. Additionally, reviewers favoured working with ActiveCampaign in all aspects of their company.

ActiveCampaign vs Act-On: Pricing


Starting Price

$900 per month (starts at 2,500 active contacts)

Editions & Modules

Act-On editions and modules pricing

 Editions & Modules

Act-On editions and modules pricing
Edition Modules
Professional $9001
Enterprise $2,0002

1. per month (starts at 2,500 active contacts)
2. per month ( starts at 2,500 active contacts)



Starting Price

$9 per month

 Editions & Modules

ActiveCampaign editions and modules pricing
Edition Modules
Lite $9.001
Plus $492
Professional $1293
Enterprise $2294
  1. Per Month [3 Users]
  2. Per Month [25 Users]
  3. Per Month [50 Users]
  4. Per Month [Unlimited Users]


ActiveCampaign vs Act-On: Email Marketing

Thanks to its excellent marketing platform, Act-On improves advertising campaigns. It’s one of the greatest business-to-business marketing tools out there. It is a very useful platform. Additionally, it aids in creating and delivering experiences to predetermined audiences at predetermined times.

On the other hand, ActiveCampaign is a convenient platform that centralizes your customer relationship management (CRM), automation, and email marketing efforts. The automation capabilities are adaptable, allowing us to understand almost any scenario we can imagine.

ActiveCampaign vs Act-On: Ideal For


1–200 Users

Regarding company size (start-ups to multinational corporations) and sector, Act-4800+ On’s clients fall somewhere in between (financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, education, tech).


1-1000+ users

ActiveCampaign is great for small and medium-sized companies who want to expand by strengthening their customer bonds.

ActiveCampaign vs Act-On: Customer Support

Both Act-On and ActiveCampaign provide support to the customers via:

The only additional customer service option provided by Act-On is the 24/7 (Live Rep). ActiveCampaign does not offer a 24/7 facility to its clientele.

ActiveCampaign vs Act-On: Usability

The Act-On platform’s quality falls just short of excellent. The user interface is still a little old in places. However, the product has been developing rapidly, and we anticipate that its user interface will be on par with the finest of them within a few months.

Contrarily, ActiveCampaign is the most user-friendly marketing automation tool we’ve used. They provide advice at every stage of constructing anything at all. A lot of good can be said about their LIVE CHAT support staff. Many pressing issues have been addressed thanks to the monthly meetings with the enablement team.

ActiveCampaign vs Act-On: Final Verdict

It would be best if you didn’t rely only on experts’ opinions when deciding which product to purchase for your business. Depending on the circumstances, users may have a range of responses to the solution.

To give you a quick idea of how genuine ActiveCampaign and Act-On customers rate their experience with the service, we conclude this comparison by providing our User Satisfaction Rating for each in our reviews.

Get a complete and trustworthy panorama of what other customers think about every solution based on rigorous analysis of product references on other websites, social media, and blogs. In this scenario, 100% of users were happy with ActiveCampaign, but only 92% were satisfied with Act-On.

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